Industrial Manufacturers’ Representative Agency

Finding great sales reps is not an easy task. And if your best rep leaves, your pipeline could dry up while you hire and onboard a replacement.

As an industrial manufacturer, outsourcing your sales function to a manufacturers’ rep agency makes sense.

Successful manufacturers know:

  • Hiring an independent rep agency can be more cost-efficient than hiring and managing an inhouse sales force.

  • Independent rep agencies bring existing, sought-after industry relationships to the table.

  • Having access to a full complement of expert sales reps without the HR headaches can save an enormous amount of time and effort.

Durrie Sales is an industrial manufacturers’ representative agency that specializes in manufacturers of cutting tools, fasteners and accessories for the industrial manufacturing industry.

For industrial manufacturers seeking a trusted partner to build pipelines and grow revenue, Durrie Sales brings more than 80 years of industry expertise and relationships plus an unwavering commitment to quality service.

Your success is our purpose.

Watch our video on what a manufacturer’s representative is, and why it might be the right choice for you:

What Sets Durrie Sales Apart

Working with Durrie Sales as your manufacturers’ representative agency is hassle-free. From the start, you gain an experienced, service-focused sales team that you can trust to open doors, expand your market, and positively represent your brand.

  • You get flexibility with warehousing. We have warehouses in Chicago, IL and Orange, CA, which means you have the ability to put your products closer to your customers to serve them quickly and seamlessly.

  • We serve as your trusted partner and advocate. We work hard to discover the unique qualities of your company and your products, and then act on your behalf in the marketplace.

  • We are known throughout the industry for our adaptability. We match our workflows to your sales processes, and regularly adjust for specific vendors.

  • We are transparent. Ask us anything; really.

  • We are open and honest about opportunities and barriers that you may face in your territory.

  • We excel at assembling data and introducing technology to help you grow your pipeline and drive revenue. We lead the rep world in using technology to make sure our customers get the information they need.

Our Secret to Your Success? Relationships & Responsiveness


Durrie Sales has been building relationships with distributors and end users since the advent of the
computer modem and before CAD software was a thing.

We’ve developed unmatched knowledge of the marketplace that gets manufacturers connected with top tier distributors and end users.

After 80 years of industry upheaval and consolidation, we’re still getting our manufacturers’ products into the largest accounts, maintaining relationships, and building new connections.


Ever wonder what an unwavering commitment to quality service looks like? Pick up the phone and call us. A live customer service rep will answer the call and resolve customer issues right on the spot.

The Durrie Sales team is known to be as proactive and reliable as any inhouse sales team in the industry.

We have one of the lowest employee turnover rates in the industry. This means less time spent training reps, and faster access for you to industry-specific experience.

Increasing Pipeline Sales Without the Pain

Comprehensive onboarding

We begin with a six-step, proprietary onboarding process that guarantees that our relationship gets off to a productive start.

Step 1: Define Expectations
Territories, sales targets, warehousing, timeframes, workflows

Step 2: Identify Target Customers
Distributors and end users, define by industry

Step 3: Introduce Customer Success Reps
Inform current contacts, conduct lunch & learns

Step 4: Empower Outside Sales Reps
Plan strategic sales to specific accounts, analyze competition

Step 5: Conduct Product Training
Best sellers, features & benefits, applications

Step 6: Develop Formal Dialogue Plan
Discuss sales funnel health, review sales history and troubleshoot issues

Proven Sales Process

Serving the Midwest

Headquartered in Schiller Park, IL, Durrie Sales serves industrial manufacturers across the United States.

Durrie Sales Territory

What Our Principal Manufacturers Are Saying

“Our relationship with Durrie goes back many decades. They are always really helpful on working with our customers and giving us fresh, new ideas to grow our business.”

Ken Gaines, President & CEO, President and CEO, The Steco Corporation

“Independent sales rep groups are few and far between, and the good ones are like diamonds—very tough to find. We are very happy with our partnership with Durrie. They provide value that is unique in the marketplace. They’re a true partner, they work on developing solutions to problems, they’re very proactive, and they’re really just very enjoyable to work with.”

Matthew Regan, National Sales Manager, Monster Tool
“Patrick came out to Iowa to sit down and meet me in person when I first bought the company. That he took the time to develop an in-person relationship meant a lot.”
Dan Stein, Owner, Young Bros. Stamp Works, Inc.

Monster Tool Expands Market Coverage and Grows Sales by Partnering with Durrie Sales

How do you know if the rep you’re considering is the right fit for you?

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